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Detoxification in Alaska

In the state of Alaska there are a few different types of drug and alcohol detoxification services available. Because of the fact that many areas of Alaska are too remote to access, the state doesn't have as many detox facilities as states similar in size, but efforts have been made nonetheless to make detox services accessible to residents who need them. More specifically, there are 6 detox centers that provide detox services specifically for drug and alcohol addiction in the state. Most of the detox centers in Alaska are located in Anchorage, which is a larger metro area which makes sense. Detoxification or ‚''detox‚'' for short is something which should always be overseen by treatment professionals in Alaska so that it is a safe process and also so there is a smooth transition into the appropriate treatment program if necessary due to chronic addiction. There are mostly outpatient and inpatient detox centers providing services to residents, both of which offer a very different approach to detox and have different purposes.

In Alaska, individuals who are experiencing the types of detox symptoms where they may need medical intervention should seek detox services at an inpatient detox center where the process can be managed safely with medication or overseen very closely until the person has stabilized. This is usually necessary with alcohol detox and certain types of prescription medications. Other types of detox may not be life threatening, but clients are at risk of relapse when they don't have a robust support system to help them through the cravings and intense withdrawal symptoms. This is often the case with opiates for example. This can be handled in one of two ways, both with very different outcomes. In an inpatient detox facility which doesn't provide a medically assisted detox, individuals are helped through this process holistically and are not put on any type of maintenance drugs indefinitely to avoid detox and cravings such as methadone for example. In outpatient detox facilities in Alaska, most get the person started on such a drug regimen, and although it is medically assisted and legal it too is a daily dependence that the person will have to maintain. So this is a very personal choice Alaskans need to make, although there are many examples of Alaskan residents being on maintenance drugs for the rest of their lives and many more of Alaskans being able to safely and permanently detox without the use of such drugs.

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Alaska VA Healthcare System

  • 3001 C Street Anchorage, AK. 99503
  • 907-273-4011

Narcotic Drug Treatment Center Inc

Anchorage Treatment Solutions

Discovery Cove Recovery and

Rainforest Recovery Center

Discovery Cove Recovery and

Hats of Wisdom

Turning Point Counseling Services

Womens and Childrens Center for

IAA Project Special Delivery

Central Peninsula General Hospital

Eastern Aleutian Tribes Inc

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