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Detoxification in Colorado

Colorado residents have several options when they need help detoxing from drugs and alcohol, nearly 20 of which provide only detoxification services. Most of the detox facilities in Colorado are concentrated in the larger metro areas including Denver, Aurora and Boulder and include both outpatient and inpatient options. It is important to know what the differences are when it comes to these options, so that you can make the right choice for yourself or someone you care about and are trying to help. First and foremost, it must be understood that detox services aren't treatment, but can be a very essential aspect of a comprehensive treatment plan that can fully resolve a drug or alcohol addiction.

There are specific drugs which have increased in favor and use in the state in recent years, including heroin and prescription pain killers, which require extremely adept handling during the detox phase of abstinence so that the person doesn't relapse. In these cases, an outpatient treatment option isn't going to be beneficial for most clients who are opiate dependent because of the fact that their drugs of choice will be so easily accessible during moments of vulnerability. Inpatient or residential detox services however eliminate this worry, and detox professionals can closely monitor the client so that they can have a much smoother detox experience. If outpatient detox services are considered, these typically apply to someone who is going with a medication assisted detox, such as individuals who are supplementing their heroin habit for a medical opiate such as methadone or suboxone for example. This is not a detox option with a definite end, and individuals will be on these drugs most likely for the rest of their lives. So this is something they should be aware of before choosing a drug-free option available in an inpatient detox facility for example which has a definite end, and in many cases is a good transition point into more comprehensive treatment to treat the causes of addiction.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Crossroads Turning Points Inc

CEDAR University of Colorado Hospital

Arapahoe House

Mike Harris Counseling Group PC

PFC Floyd K Lindstrom VA Clinic

  • 3141 Centennial Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO. 80907
  • 719-327-5660 x44129

Colorado Treatment Services LLC

  • 2010 East Bijou Street Colorado Springs, CO. 80909
  • 719-434-2061

Denver Health Community Detox

Narconon Colorado

Region Six Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Centennial Peaks Hospital

Recovery Village Palmer Lake

Parkview Adult

Department of Veterans Affairs

  • 4776 Eagleridge Circle Pueblo, CO. 81008
  • 719-553-1000

CO Mental Health Institute at Pueblo

Crossroads Turning Points Inc

Seven Lakes Recovery Program

Colorado West Regional Mental Hlth Ctr

Mental Health Partners

  • 3180 Airport Road Boulder, CO. 80304
  • 303-443-8500

First Step Recovery

  • 595 14th Street Burlington, CO. 80807
  • 719-346-6060

Arapahoe House

Harmony Foundation Inc

Colorado West Regional Mental Hlth Ctr

Treatment Centers XL

InnerBalance Health Center

Parker Valley Hope

Colorado West Regional Mental Hlth Ctr

Arapahoe House

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