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Detoxification in Kansas

In Kansas, there are nearly 200 drug rehab programs and resources in the state for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, and about 20 of these programs provide a variety and drug and alcohol detox services. Not all detox facilities in Kansas are the same. Some deliver inpatient detox and some deliver outpatient detox services. Inpatient detox is the best solution for individuals who need to have a very structured environment that is drug and alcohol free, such as individuals who will experience intense cravings as they detox due to chronic long term drug or alcohol addiction. Inpatient detox is also ideal for those who need help medically, with the use of medical drugs perhaps, to stabilize from alcohol or prescription drug dependency without the risk of life threatening side effects of withdrawal. In these instances, medical professionals will very likely prescribe short-term medication to help an individual stabilize physically so they don't have seizures and other serious symptoms, which are common with these types of withdrawal.

Outpatient detox services also entail the use of medications in many instances, but this is typically part of a more long-term plan to avoid detox with medical drugs instead of illicit drugs. This type of 'detox' is commonly used on opiate dependent clients, although these clients could just as easily get through a drug free detox, but this is a personal choice. The key in either instance is to receive further treatment beyond detox, because detox is not treatment in itself but an essential first step. Treatment entails steps to pinpoint what triggers the problem, which isn't addressed or resolved in detox facilities for the most part. So when someone is receiving either inpatient or outpatient services in Kansas, they should always make sure further treatment is a priority to ensure they don't continually struggle with their substance abuse problem.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Valley Hope

Community MHC of Crawford County

  • 810 Cedar Street Girard, KS. 66743
  • 620-724-8806

Center for Change

Valley Hope

Johnson County Mental Health Center

Valley Hope

Center for Change

Recovery Unlimited West Douglas


Recovery Services Council Inc

STOP Program

ABC Health Group

Wichita Comp Treatment Center

New Chance Inc

Associates at Hope Harbor OP

We Can Recover

  • 5450 Buena Vista Street Mission, KS. 66205
  • 913-269-8726

Valley Hope

Valeo Recovery Center

Eastern Kansas VA Healthcare Systems

Topeka Treatment Center LLC

  • 3360 SW Harrison Street Topeka, KS. 66611
  • 785-266-4100

Preferred Family Healthcare Inc

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