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Detoxification in Missouri

There are nearly 62 drug rehab programs and resources in the state of Missouri, about 30 of which provide a variety and drug and alcohol detox services. There is a detox solution for every resident who needs help during this difficult time, including outpatient and inpatient detox programs to meet the needs of clients experiencing the varying challenges that will inevitable pop up during detox. Detox services can not only be helpful, but medically necessary and essential for a number of reasons. One of the reason this is true is because of the nature of certain types of withdrawal, which in some instances can be life threatening if not properly managed. In an inpatient detox facility in Missouri which is prepared to meet these challenges, detox professionals can help eliminate or lessen such symptoms. This is particularly true for clients going through alcohol detox or perhaps prescription drug detox such as benzodiazepine withdrawal.

Aside from these benefits, inpatient is more ideal than outpatient detox in Missouri because it also ensures the individual is in the best environment if they have struggled with chronic addiction. For individuals in this unfortunate boat, cravings are a constant problem for quite some time and relapse is common. These clients benefit from the additional support and ideal drug-free environment that only an inpatient or residential detox facility can offer. Relapse is still always a possibility without further treatment following a safe detox, so all clients with any type of addiction should keep in mind that actual treatment is a separate process and they should seek further treatment in an inpatient or residential program in the state to avoid relapsing and to ensure they are prepared mentally and physically to live a drug free life.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Valley Hope Association

Gibson Recovery Center Inc

Harry S Truman Memorial Veterans Hosp

Phoenix Programs Inc


Turning Point Recovery Center

FCC Behavioral Health

Heartland Center for Behavioral Change

  • 1534 Campbell Street Kansas City, MO. 64108
  • 816-421-6670

Truman Medical Center Lakewood Medical

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

  • 4801 Linwood Boulevard Kansas City, MO. 64128
  • 816-922-2500 x56669


Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health

Harris House Foundation

Salvation Army

Midwest Institute for Addiction

Preferred Family Healthcare

St. Louis Metro Treatment Center

Black Alc Drug Service Information Ctr

Assisted Recovery Centers of America

Westend Clinic Inc

  • 5736 West Florissant Avenue St. Louis, MO. 63120
  • 314-381-0560

Gateway Foundation Inc

Preferred Family Healthcare Inc

Comm Mental Health Consultants Inc

Compass Health Inc

SE Missouri Behavioral Health

Southeast Missouri Behavioral Health

  • 109 Walnut Street Greenville, MO. 63944
  • 573-686-5090

Comm Mental Health Consultants Inc

Ozark Center New Directions

BHG Joplin Treatment Center

Comm Mental Health Consultants Inc

Synergy Recovery Center

Center for Addictions

DRD Management Inc

Alternative Behavioral Health

Family Counseling Center Inc

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