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Detoxification in Nebraska

Nebraska drug and alcohol treatment centers named stimulants such as methamphetamine as being the most commonly abused substance among primary rehab admissions. Following meth addiction, Nebraska rehab centers reported marijuana addiction was the second most commonly cited primary drug of abuse among treatment admissions during 2011. Before a person undergoes addiction treatment, they first need to go through a detox process to withdrawal from the substances their body has become dependent on.

The type of substance a person is addicted to determines the severity of their withdrawal symptoms. Some substances such as alcohol, heroin and opioid medications can create severe physical withdrawal symptoms when they are discontinued. Often, prescription drugs are used to help ease these symptoms and decrease the person's cravings. Other substances such as marijuana, cocaine and meth do not typically cause severe physical symptoms during their withdrawal process. Detox from these drugs is usually more psychological and emotional causing feelings of depression, anxiety or paranoia. The benefit of going through detox in a professional setting ensures the person's physical and emotional wellbeing as well as prepares them for entering the rehabilitation portion of their recovery process.

Nebraska has a variety of different detox settings ranging from programs where this service is offered in house to separate medical detox facilities. Many Nebraska inpatient and residential drug rehabilitation centers provide detox services on site for their clients. This helps the program participant smoothly transition from detox to participating in the rehabilitation program. Other programs such as outpatient care, short term inpatient or day treatment programs will have their prospective clients undergo detox at a specialized Nebraska medical detox center before entering their program. This makes certain they receive the proper care and medication they need before beginning the rigorous process of addiction treatment. Detox is an essential part in physically and emotionally moving past one's addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, it is the beginning of the process and continuing on in a treatment program is necessary for all addicts. Addiction treatment helps the person resolve underlying issues as well as develop the life skills they need to remain clean and sober.

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Behavioral Health Specialists Inc

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

  • 2201 North Broadwell Street Grand Island, NE. 68803
  • 308-382-3660 x92296
  • http://www.va.gov

Mid Plains Center for

Siena Francis House

Omaha Treatment Center

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Regional West Medical Center

  • 4021 Avenue B Scottsbluff, NE. 69361
  • 308-635-3711

Northeast Panhandle

Bridge Behavioral Health

ONeill Valley Hope

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