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Detoxification in New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire has a severe drug addiction problem. Over the years, substance abuse has continued to escalate and in a recent survey 12.15 percent of New Hampshire residents acknowledged past-month use of illegal drugs. During this time period, the national average was 8.82 percent for the majority of states. Similar to other states in this part of the country, other opiate addiction rates have continued to climb. In 2010, other opiates were the leading substances of addiction sending residents into New Hampshire drug rehab programs. Following other opiates was heroin, marijuana and cocaine/crack. Recovery from opiates and other drugs of addiction is best handled in a treatment program. For most addicts, the first step in their treatment plan begins with detox.

Going though a detox program is essential for many drugs that are physically addictive. Drugs such as heroin, other opiates and sometimes severe alcohol addiction require a medical detox to safely withdrawal. Due to the nature of these drugs, the person will often require prescription medication to ease their withdrawal symptoms, manage any emotional and physical issues as they arise and handle cravings. While not every substance requires medical detox, the process of detoxification is best conducted in a professional setting when looking to overcome addiction. Drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are not physically addictive, but the withdrawal period from these substances can be overwhelming for some. Going through this process among treatment professionals benefits the individual with any emotional and psychological issues if they arise.

A number of New Hampshire rehab programs offer detox services. These rehab programs are typically inpatient or residential treatment facilities that employ medical professionals to help their program participants safely and comfortably get through the withdrawal phase of their recovery. Other drug rehab programs in New Hampshire work closely with outside detox centers to ensure their future clients undergo detoxification prior to arriving at the treatment facility. The process of completing detox before addiction rehabilitation enables to person to be fully present during their rehabilitation program without the distraction of withdrawal symptoms and overwhelming cravings.

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