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Detoxification in Oregon

Alcohol is the leading substance of abuse sending Oregon residents into treatment. During 2012, Oregon drug and alcohol rehab programs enrolled 44,949 individuals; with the largest group citing alcohol addiction (47.8%) as their primary reason for receiving treatment. Following alcohol addiction, marijuana addiction appears to be the second leading substance of abuse causing residents to seek treatment. During 2012, 17.3% of the individuals in Oregon drug rehab programs cited marijuana addiction as their reason for enrolling in treatment.

The process of recovery often starts with detox. To detox means to stop using drugs or alcohol and let the body rid itself of any substances left behind while managing the symptoms of withdrawal. This phase is then followed by a drug rehabilitation program where the person addresses their behavioral and emotional issues connected with their substance abuse. It is important to realize that detox alone is not going to help the person recover. Follow-up care in a drug rehab program is essential in achieving lasting sobriety.

The key focus of detox is helping the person manage their withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms vary depending on the substance the person is dependent on as well as the severity of their addiction. The length and intensity of a person's withdrawal symptoms during detox will differ with the type of substance they have been abusing. For instance, heroin withdrawal symptoms during detox may include restlessness, insomnia and cold flashes. While these physical symptoms of heroin withdrawal may last for several days and up to a week, the emotional symptoms such as depression and lethargy have been known to remain for several weeks following the detox process.

For this reason, many detox clients require medications to help them through the most difficult withdrawal symptoms. Often these medications are discontinued once detox is complete. However, some program participants continue to need mood stabilizing medications and drug replacement medications to prevent relapse. Clients who complete detox and move forward into addiction rehabilitation have the best chances of overcoming their dependence on drugs or alcohol and regaining control of their lives.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe

Milestones Family Recovery Program

Yes House

Discovery Counseling Inc

  • 260 SW Madison Avenue Corvallis, OR. 97330
  • 541-752-2703

Acme Counseling

Integrated Health Clinics of Eugene

Pacific Ridge

Discovery Counseling Inc

Amazing Treatment

  • 110 North Monmouth Street Monmouth, OR. 97361
  • 503-363-6103

Discovery Counseling Inc

Eastern Oregon Detoxification Center

Rimrock Trails ATS

Awakenings by the Sea

Baker House

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness

  • 207 SW 1st Street Enterprise, OR. 97828
  • 541-426-4524



Allied Health Services

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Lifeways Recovery Center

De Paul Treatment Centers Inc

Integrated Health Clinics LLC

Belmont Comprehensive Treatment Center

Portland Metro Treatment Center

Ram Clinic

CRC Health Oregon DBA

Amazing Treatment

  • 525 Ferry Street SE Salem, OR. 97301
  • 503-363-6103

Discovery Counseling Inc

  • 385 Alsea Highway Waldport, OR. 97394
  • 541-563-3330

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