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Detoxification in South Carolina

Over the past several years marijuana addiction rates have escalated in South Carolina. Statistics from the Treatment Episode Data Set noted that in 2010, close to 55% of all South Carolina drug rehab admissions cited marijuana addiction as their primary reason for seeking treatment. This is a drastic increase from previous years when the percentage of marijuana addiction cases totaled just over 30% in 2006 and nearly 40% in 2008. Likewise, other substances of abuse resulting in South Carolina drug rehab enrollments during 2010 included cocaine and crack addiction (close to 20%), other opiates addiction (close to 20%) and stimulant addiction (around 5%).

There are a wide range of drug and alcohol treatment facilities across South Carolina. Comprehensive rehab programs will include detox as part of their recovery process. Other facilities have their clients attend a medical detox prior to receiving treatment in their program. As one of the most critical steps in the recovery process, detox is the first step in regaining sobriety and overcoming addiction. Detoxification is focused on helping the person heal physically and emotionally before beginning the rest of their addiction treatment plan.

During detox, the person is first stabilized and then the detoxification process begins. This process involves allowing the person's body to rid itself of the substances they have abused while treating their withdrawal symptoms. Often, the initial first few hours and days of the process are the most intense. For this reason it is very important that the program participant is closely monitored by medical specialists, and in some cases psychiatric staff. Stabilization of severe issues brought on by detox includes treating one's self, symptoms of psychosis and violence. If theses issues arise, they must be handled before any further progress can take place. From there, the person's withdrawal symptoms will be closely monitored and dealt with using medication if necessary. When the entire process is complete, the person is ready to begin moving forward with their recovery program.

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Aurora Pavilion Behavioral Hlth Servs

LRADAC Behavioral Health Center of

  • 2711 Colonial Drive Columbia, SC. 29203
  • 803-726-9300

William Jennings Bryan Dorn

Morris Village

  • 610 Faison Drive Columbia, SC. 29203
  • 803-935-7100

Bruce Hall

Counseling Center of Georgetown Inc

Starting Point of Darlington

Palmetto Lowcountry

Center for Behavioral Health

Recovery Concepts LLC

Three Rivers Behavioral Health

Columbia Metro Treatment Center

Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center

  • 109 Bee Street Charleston, SC. 29401
  • 843-789-7311

Charleston Center of Charleston County

McLeod Behavioral Health Services

York County Treatment Center

Greenville CBOC

Pavillion Greenville

Coastal Recovery Center

William J McCord

Keystone Substance Abuse Services

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