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Detoxification in Tennessee

Residents of Tennessee struggle with a wide range of substance abuse problems. During 2014, the predominant issue for citizens living in the state was "other opiates" addiction. This category includes non-prescription use of methadone, codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, meperidine, opium, and other drugs with morphine-like effects. A significant number of residents have become dependent on prescription opioids after receiving prescriptions from their doctors. Other addicted citizens participate in doctor shopping (going to more than one physician or health care professional to obtain numerous prescriptions) or purchase these highly addictive mediations on the black market (street drug dealers and the internet). Tennessee drug rehab professionals fear that in the future many of their residents will switch to heroin to satisfy their addiction. Similar situations have taken place in neighboring states when residents could no longer afford or obtain the prescription drugs they have become dependent on.

When it comes to matters of addiction rehabilitation, Tennessee drug and alcohol treatment centers are prepared to help residents overcome their substance use problems. To begin, the person will need to complete detox before they are ready to actually partake in the rehabilitation process. Detoxification is the initial phase of treatment when the person discontinues using and receives care for any withdrawal symptoms they experience. This phase is usually handled either at the drug rehab program location or off site in a medical detox center. During this process the addicted person is stabilized, using medications if necessary. Once stable, they are closely monitored for withdrawal symptoms as well as emotional and psychiatric problems. Detox can take as little as a few days for some individuals, or for others over a week for more in severe cases of addiction.

When the process is complete, the person is freed of their physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. They are no longer physically reliant on their drug of choice to feel "normal" and can live day to day life clean and sober. However, without receiving addiction treatment these results will not last. Enrollment in a drug and alcohol treatment program is imperative to help the person address personal issues and develop new ways of handling life's ups and downs.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Psychiatric Services of East Tennessee

Volunteer Comp Treatment Center

Focus Healthcare of Tennessee

Bradford Health Services

Rolling Hills Hospital LLC

Frontier Health Inc

Bradford Health Services

Behavioral Health Group

BHG Knoxville Citico Treatment Center

  • 412 Citico Street Knoxville, TN. 37921
  • 865-522-0661

Tristar Skyline Madison Campus

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Grace House of Memphis Tennessee

Harbor House Inc

La Paloma Treatment Center


Buffalo Valley Inc

Cumberland Heights

Next Door Inc

Lloyd C Elam Mental Health Center

  • 1005 Dr D B Todd Jr Boulevard Nashville, TN. 37208
  • 615-327-6256
  • http://mmc.edu

Solutions Retreat Inc

  • 5405 Forest Acres Drive Nashville, TN. 37220
  • 615-944-8030

VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System

Ridgeview Psych Hosp and Ctr

Solutions of Savannah

  • 85 Harrison Street Savannah, TN. 38372
  • 731-925-2767

Mirror Lake Recovery Center

Ten Broeck Tennessee

Plateau Mental Health Center

Bradford Health Services

Jackson Area Council on

Pathways of Tennessee Inc

Comprehensive Community Services

Cornerstone of Recovery

Blount Memorial Hospital

James H Quillen VAMC


Recovery House of East Tennessee

Brookhaven Retreat LLC

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