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Long-Term (Inpatient) Treatment in Nebraska

Alcohol addiction and abuse continues to be the number one reason behind residents seeking treatment in Nebraska. During 2013, 50% of all Nebraska drug and alcohol treatment enrollments cited alcohol as their primary substance of abuse. Alcohol addiction enrollments were followed by alcohol with a secondary drug (18.1%), amphetamine addiction (14.1%) and marijuana addiction (8.3%). The male to female ratio of Nebraska drug rehab admissions during this year can be broken down into 70.4% male and 29.6% female. The largest age group receiving treatment this year was between the ages of 21-25 years old.

There are a variety of quality drug and alcohol treatment programs in Nebraska. However, long term inpatient treatment is considered the gold standard of care. This more intensive form of rehabilitation is where the addicted person lives at the treatment facility full-time during their recovery. While in the program, they receive 24/7 care as well as the most thorough rehabilitation program possible. Many severely addicted persons find this type of care to be best at helping them overcome their addiction issues. Program participants understand they need to put their lives on hold back home while focusing on their recovery. They have chosen to remove themselves from their using environment as well as the people in their lives that have been part of their downward spiral into addiction. By leaving home, the recovering person will reside in a substance free environment surrounded by other like minded individuals working towards sobriety.

Long term inpatient care ranges in duration from a few months to six months or longer. However, ninety days is the average time a person is in long term inpatient treatment. The extended length of long term treatment provides the recovering individual with the time, environment and resources necessary to overcome their addiction and develop new ways of handling life clean and sober. When intensive treatment is necessary, long term inpatient programs in Nebraska provide expert care and the highest success rates for lasting sobriety.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Human Services Inc

Friendship House

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

  • 2201 North Broadwell Street Grand Island, NE. 68803
  • 308-382-3660 x92296
  • http://www.va.gov

St. Monicas Behavioral Health

  • 2109 South 24th Street Lincoln, NE. 68510
  • 402-441-3768


Bridge Behavioral Health

Houses of Hope of Nebraska Inc

Siena Francis House

Stephen Center Inc

Santa Monicas


Addiction Behav Health Servs Inc


Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition

Chee Woy Na Zhee

  • 208 Maple Street Winnebago, NE. 68071
  • 402-878-2480

Catholic Charities of Greater Nebraska

Bridge Inc

Link Inc

ONeill Valley Hope

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