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Long-Term (Inpatient) Treatment in North Dakota

North Dakota is a large state with a number of exceptional drug and alcohol rehab programs. During 2014, drug rehab programs in North Dakota enrolled 3,273 individuals in addiction treatment. Clients ranged in age, but the most common group to receive care that year was between 26-30 years old. This group of drug rehab enrollments cited other opiates as their primary reason for entering rehab. The category known as other opiates includes admissions for non-prescription use of methadone, codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydromorphone, meperidine, opium, and other drugs with morphine-like effects. Following other opiates addiction cases (29.6%), the most common substances noted by North Dakota drug rehab enrollments during 2014 between the ages of 26-30 was amphetamines (25%), heroin addiction (23.3%) and alcohol with a secondary drug (19.8%). Treatment for addiction can take place using a variety of different recovery methods. One of the most effective is known to be long term inpatient rehab.

North Dakota long term inpatient rehab programs offer help with all levels and types of drug addiction cases. Many people do not consider initially enrolling in a program this intense when they are first seeking treatment. Often they are looking for a quick fix, or the most easy and accessible way to get help. Unfortunately, persons struggling with severe addiction cases find that other forms of treatment are unable to fully address their problem and they end up relapsing before long. For more severe and long term cases of addiction, an extended period of sobriety while enrolled in a long term inpatient program is the best fit. To overcome addiction, the person needs time to heal. The process is not an easy one that happens overnight. Most program participants enrolled in a long term inpatient treatment in North Dakota understand that their recovery can not be measured in days, but rather in months.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

5th Generation Healing Center

  • 1105 Sheldon Souray Belcourt, ND. 58316
  • 701-477-3121

Prairie St. Johns LLC

Centre Inc

ShareHouse Inc

Heartview Foundation

New Freedom Center

West Central Human Service Center

Parshall Resource Center

  • 104 South Main Street Parshall, ND. 58770
  • 701-862-3962

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