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Long-Term (Inpatient) Treatment in Oklahoma

Drug rehab programs in Oklahoma enrolled 13,851 individuals during 2014. The most commonly noted substance for treatment facilities during this year in Oklahoma was amphetamines. During 2014, 26.4% of all the drug rehab enrollments in the state were for amphetamine addiction problems. Furthermore, the ratio of admissions for amphetamine addiction in Oklahoma was 55.2% female and 44.8% male. Overcoming addiction to amphetamines and other drugs is no easy feat. When a person is struggling with addiction problems that require treatment, one of the best types of programs is long term inpatient rehab.

Long term inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers are different than a number of other forms of treatment. In these programs, the recovering person brings their personal possessions and moves into the treatment facility during their recovery process. The length of time they live in the program varies from facility to facility, but on average is around three months. While in the program, they might go through detoxification. This process rids their system of the remaining drugs and alcohol before beginning on the behavioral aspects of their recovery.

Oklahoma long term inpatient treatment centers are a great choice for person's who have been through treatment and relapsed, as well as for persons who have little to no rehab experience. These intensive rehabilitation programs provide around the clock care for their clients while maintaining a clean and sober atmosphere. The client feels confident that they can take the time they need to fully address their addiction problem, and begin to experience life sober before returning to their daily life.

In the end, the choice to enter a program in Oklahoma that offers long term inpatient care will provide more structure and support than any other form of treatment. These programs are known for having some of the highest success rates in the industry. As a result, graduates of long term inpatient rehabs go on to have higher rates of employment and lasting sobriety.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Chickasaw Nation Alcohol Drug Program

Narconon of Oklahoma Inc


Vans House

Eagle Ridge Family Treatment Center

Northeastern Oklahoma Council on

  • 202 South 5th Street Jay, OK. 74346
  • 918-253-6548

New Hope CDU LLC

KI BOIS Community Action Foundation

White Horse Ranch LLC

Avalon Correctional Services

Referral Center for Alcohol and

Community House

Bridgeway Inc

  • 620 West Grand Street Ponca City, OK. 74601
  • 580-762-1462

Social Development Center

  • 210 Starting Point Drive Ponca City, OK. 74601
  • 580-762-6617

Tulsa Boys Home


Tulsa Women and Childrens Center

12 and 12 Inc

How Foundation Recovery Center

  • 5649 South Garnett Road Tulsa, OK. 74146
  • 918-252-5739

Rose Rock Recovery Center

  • 24919 South 4420 Road Vinita, OK. 74301
  • 918-256-9210

Broadway House Inc

Gary E Miller Candian County

House of Hope Inc

Tiger Mountain Recovery Inc

New Pathways Halfway House

Clay Crossing Foundation Inc

Northeastern Oklahoma Council on

Monarch Inc

Osage Nation

Robs Road to Recovery Ranch

Choctaw Nation

Alpha II Inc

Valliant House LLC

Northwest Treatment Center

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