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Treatment Resources For The Hearing Impaired

Addiction recovery for the hearing impaired provide rehabilitation treatment services created exclusively for the needs of person's who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is not unusual for staff members to be hard of hearing or deaf as well when attending a program to help the hearing impaired. These staff members are well versed in deaf culture and are able to communicate with program participants using American Sign Language. They have been trained in the field of substance abuse and addiction, and have sought out their positions in these drug rehab programs because they want help.

There are a number of different types of treatment programs offered for the hearing impaired. The length of the program, intensity of the care and the expectations of services provided vary from one rehab to another. One point all rehabilitation programs have in common is their goal of helping the person overcome their substance addiction problem. Typically, the recovery team will work with the client in developing a rehabilitation plan that covers everything from detoxification to aftercare. Additionally, their comprehensive treatment plan may include individualized treatment goals for the client to accomplish.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers for the hearing impaired will provide modifications of all their recovery materials. Most often, this will mean using American Sign Language used during the program and in counseling sessions as well. Many programs will hold family counseling for their hearing impaired clients using American Sign Language. Often, these family counseling sessions are the first time the addicted person and their loved ones have received any formal therapy as a family. The benefits of these sessions are that the recovering person begins to rebuild their relationship with their loved ones, while their family develops new ways of working with the addict in their lives. Setting appropriate guidelines and expectations for life after drug rehab is also a valuable part of family counseling during hearing impaired drug rehab.

Completing treatment in a hearing impaired program helps the individual overcome their drug or alcohol addiction. The process is conducted professionally and handled in such a way that all of the individual's needs are met and addressed during their time in treatment. Graduates of these programs statistically have higher success rates with long term sobriety and employment. This is credited to the education and life changing modifications they learn in addiction rehabilitation.

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