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Short-term (Inpatient): Rehab For 30 Days or Less

Short-term inpatient treatment provides alcohol and drug addiction treatment over a shorter period of time than other rehab programs; generally seven to thirty days. A number of addicted persons choose short-term inpatient treatment because it is more affordable than other forms of recovery. Also, these programs are inpatient, meaning the recovering individual resides at the treatment facility during their time in rehab. There are a number of different rehabilitation approaches to choose from when it comes to short-term inpatient treatment. Many of these programs utilize therapy, both individual and group in their rehabilitation process. On the other hand, there are some programs where the primary focus is on detoxification or medical detoxification of the individual to stabilize them before entering another treatment program. A majority of short-term inpatient treatment programs will incorporate some form of aftercare or follow-up care options for their clients who remain in the program for its duration.

When an individual enrolls in a short-term inpatient treatment center, they can expect to reside at the facility during their time in the program. The opportunity to live with other individuals struggling with similar issues and working towards recovery bolsters the program participant's sense of community and brotherhood during this transitional phase in their life. Some short-term inpatient treatment centers are known as lockdown programs, this means the program participant must remain in the treatment center during their entire program. In contrast, other programs are more lenient and allow the recovering person to come and go as needed throughout the day. During their stay, they will likely participate in group and individual therapy as well as possibly go to 12-step meetings.

Affordability plays a large role in why many addicted persons choose short-term inpatient treatment versus long-term care. On average, a short-term inpatient program is significantly less expensive than an inpatient program due to only needing to provide services (e.g. room and board, therapy, etc.) for up to thirty days opposed to several months in a long-term program.

In the end, admitting the need for treatment can be a scary position to find one's self in. Choosing a short-term inpatient treatment program is often a great first step in making the commitment to get help. While these programs are not long in duration, they provide the time one needs to detox and begin addressing the root causes of their addiction problem. Once short-term inpatient treatment is complete, continuing on with aftercare such as attending meetings or counseling further establishes the sobriety the individual has achieved.

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