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Drug Abuse Counselors

Drug abuse counselors are individuals who have been trained to assist people that are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction problem; they generally will accomplish through identifying negative patterns of behaviors and by developing successful drug recovery plans, through utilizing techniques that may include one on one counseling sessions. Quality drug abuse counselors will not only have an intense desire to help individuals who are suffering with substance abuse problems, these drug treatment specialist should also be able to inspire the trust and confidence of the drug rehab patient.

Many drug abuse counselors may have an extensive amount of formal education in addiction counseling; additionally, many are themselves recovering addicts who have made the decision to spend their lives in the service of other addicts that may be in the same low place that they once were. Often times, a counselor with a prior history of substance abuse will have a much greater impact on a client at a drug rehab center, as individuals who have been through similar experiences can often relate to each other with ease. Often times, drug abuse counselors who "have walked in their shoes" can offer an addict in treatment a perspective that no amount of formal education can provide; additionally, when an individual in treatment spends time with a person who has struggled with addiction but who has now been sober for a respectable period of time, it can inspire the person in treatment.

Trusted and experienced drug abuse counselors can be a vital part of the drug or alcohol recovery process. While getting to the root of a drug or alcohol addiction problem, often time's painful and highly personal types of issues can begin to surface; for this reason, it is important to find a drug treatment counselor that is both trustworthy and empathetic.

Empathy and Validation

In the context of a comprehensive drug rehab program, drug abuse counselors should have confidence in the therapeutic tools that the program encourages them to utilize; additionally, quality treatment specialists should first recognize that being able to express a genuine level of empathy is by far the most effective tool that they could offer a drug rehab patient. The reason that extending an adequate level of empathy is so vital, is because when an addict feels validated and heard, they may ultimately feel comfortable enough to bond with this treatment specialist; it is at this point, that the drug rehab patient may begin feel that they are no longer alone on their road to recovery.

Although many drug abuse counselors have college degrees in the field of counseling, the ability to empathize and to truly be able connect with the addict will usually trump any type of formal education. Empathetic listening consists of an unique skill set that is often only developed fully by a person who has "walked the same path" as the addict that they are counseling; although many people who are highly educated and also have an intense desire to see the addicts world as they see it, can become tremendous treatment counselors in their own right.

Drug abuse counselors must not be judgmental, but instead should maintain a totally objective viewpoint which they can effectively portray through empathetic listening. It takes a special type of an individual, to be able to listen to contrary viewpoints that may often be immoral, without reacting. This is a worthwhile endeavor though, for an addict will be confident in drug abuse counselors who express a genuine desire to be able to relate to them; when this occurs in the counseling process, the drug rehab patient will begin to feel accepted and understood, which can go a long way in helping them to move forward with confidence in their drug recovery process.

Life Coaching

Drug abuse counselors at a quality drug rehab should aim to be more of a life coach, through the process of engaging one on one with the addict to help them to incorporate a complete lifestyle approach to the substance abuse recovery process. One of the most important things that drug rehab counselors must effectively address are the circumstances and behaviors that have served as drug triggers for the addict; conversely, life coaching involves the development of newer and healthier skills.

When drug abuse counselors step back and take a honest view of the potential causes of a substance abuse problem in an addicts life, it will be obvious that aiming to be more of a life coach could be a winning technique; taking this unique counseling approach within the context of a comprehensive drug rehabilitation program, will give the addict a solid treatment foundation. A quality drug treatment program will have drug abuse counselors that will provide classes and training that can help to improve addict's communication skills, build their confidence, and help to improve their overall attitude; accomplishing this will help the person to be much more optimistic about their future.

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Quality drug abuse counselors will be comfortable in regard to setting healthy boundaries with their client in treatment that reflects their own beliefs and values. When a counselor aims to be consistent and predictable, it provides the drug rehab patient with a solid foundation upon which to anchor; thus, allowing him to be more sure of himself and in his new behaviors and choices. Effective drug abuse counselors will not compromise their integrity for any reason in the context of dealing with a drug rehab patient; in doing so, the drug treatment specialist is not only maintaining an adequate level of professional boundaries, but he is also ensuring that he will not be manipulated by the client, or compromised in any way.

A quality drug abuse counselor will not only be able to assist a drug rehab patient by helping them to finally get to the root causes of their drug or alcohol addiction problem; additionally, a quality substance abuse counselor can help a drug rehab patient to strengthen their resolve, so that they can continue to make better choices, long after they have successfully completed the drug treatment program.

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