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Halfway/Sober-Living Houses Offer Safe and Sober Places for Recovery

A Halfway house is a residence where persons in recovery, or who have recently completed addiction treatment, can live for a period of time. Additionally, these facilities are also known as sober-living homes; they are transitional living places where the resident is required to remain clean and sober. There is also a strict no drug or alcohol policy in the residence and failure to comply with this policy will result in being asked to leave the halfway house. Furthermore, some residents enter hallway houses on their own accord during their time in outpatient treatment, following their completion of an inpatient rehab, and some are court ordered to reside there.

Therefore, the days will be spent doing more than simply passively waiting as time ticks by for individuals enrolled in a halfway house. The time the recovering person spends in a halfway house is used to work on developing the skills they need to re-integrate back into their daily life. While living in a halfway house the individual has the support and guidance of the staff members while they work on their personal goals. In short, during this transitional phase from rehab center to halfway house the person can organize a job search, adjust to sobriety, arrange housing and rebuild damaged personal relationships.

One of the top priorities of many persons living in a sober-living home is to find employment. Without a steady income, it is nearly impossible to move forward and acquire a place of one's own. The support the person receives during their time living in a halfway house provides assistance in the application process, guidance on interviewing, and pre-employment drug screenings if necessary. When the individual is ready to begin looking for housing, the staff and other residents of the halfway house can provide feedback and guidance on what to look for in a new residence, as well as what to watch out for.

Consequently, there are a number of benefits to living in a halfway house after completing treatment. These sober-living facilities help the person adjust to living a clean and sober lifestyle, as well providing time for them to mend their relationships with family and friends before returning home. For the recovering addict, completing treatment at an inpatient program and then returning home can be too much to handle so soon after rehab. The responsibility can feel overwhelming and may cause the person to relapse. Choosing a halfway house after leaving treatment helps to maintain the structure and schedule the person has become used to during their time in treatment. Accordingly, the sober-living home will have rules and consequences similar to a rehab center, but with an emphasis on the persons shift back to taking control over their choices and the resulting consequences.

"Read a summary on published findings documenting resident improvement on measures of alcohol and drug use, employment, arrests, and psychiatric symptoms. Ref: nih.gov" More Information about Sober Living Houses...

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