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Detoxification in Arizona

In the state of Arizona there are several drug and alcohol detoxification services to choose from. More specifically, there a total of 11 facilities in Arizona which deliver detox services exclusively. Most of them are located in the Phoenix and Tucson area but some can be found in the smaller cities also. When looking for the right detox option for yourself or a loved one, you want to make sure detox is a safe process which is not going to be the case if a person tries to detox themselves from alcohol or certain prescription medications for example. You will also want to make sure that there are options available to transition into if further treatment beyond detox is needed, for individuals who have struggled with chronic addiction issues. Detox alone is not a comprehensive treatment program, so Arizona residents who have experienced chronic addiction will want to keep that in mind if they want to avoid relapse.

Detox which may require medical intervention is available at inpatient detox centers in Arizona, and many residential drug rehab facilities as well. A medically supervised detox can actually help save someone's life, and individuals who don't receive such assistance once they have become heavily dependent to alcohol or benzodiazepines for example can have seizures or even worse as a result of rapid detox. This won't happen when detox professionals in Arizona detox facilities are fully aware of the client's drug history and take precautions to avoid these detox symptoms. The additional benefit of receiving detox services in an inpatient or residential drug rehab program is that a comprehensive treatment plan can provide further relief and resolution once the individual is detoxed putting them at a much lower risk of relapse. Many inpatient detox facilities and other types of drug rehab programs which provide detox services in Arizona even offer a holistic approach, which is a beneficial option for individuals who want to stay away from options which would require further indefinite maintenance and medical drug dependence such as those with offer methadone, suboxone or buprenorphine during detox and as a maintenance routine.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Southwest Behavioral Health Services

Looking Glass Foundation Community

  • 336 Moser Avenue Bullhead City, AZ. 86429
  • 702-299-5438

Valley Hope of Chandler Alcohol Drug

BAART Behavioral Health Services Inc

Thunderbird Treatment Center

Banner Thunderbird Medical Center

Community Counseling Centers Inc

Transitional Living Communities

New Hope Behavioral Health Center Inc

River Source Treatment Center

Community Medical Services

Community Medical Services

Assisted Recovery Centers of America

St. Lukes Behavorial Health Center

Calvary Center

Center for Behavioral Health Inc

Mingus Mountain Estates

Tohono Oodham Dept of Human Services

  • Business Loop Highway 86 Sells, AZ. 85634
  • 520-383-6165 x6140

Center for Behavioral Health Inc

Transitions Center

Aurora Behavioral Health System

Crossroads Mission of Yuma

Community Bridges Inc


Community Bridges Inc

  • 993 North Hermosa Drive Holbrook, AZ. 86025
  • 928-524-1151

Gila River Healthcare

  • 3850 North 16th Street Laveen, AZ. 85339
  • 520-796-3860

Community Bridges Inc

Arrowhead Lodge LLC

A Sober Way Home

Veterans Affairs Medical Center


Gallus Detox Centers

Scottsdale Treatment Institute PLC

Change Point Integrated Services

Cottonwood Tucson

New Hope Behavioral Health Center Inc

Sierra Tucson

Recovery in Motion Treatment Center

Center for Behavioral Hlth Tucson Inc

ETANO Center

Southern Arizona VA Healthcare Servs

Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital

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