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Detoxification in Arkansas

When someone in Arkansas needs help detoxing from drugs or alcohol, there are 22 facilities which are specifically detox centers including those which provide hospital inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Detox is only the first step of a comprehensive treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction in Arkansas, but it is an important step which often requires intensive support and supervision to avoid relapse or other difficulties. Actual treatment is a separate process, so Arkansas residents who have experienced chronic addiction will want to make sure there are steps taken to transition them into the appropriate drug rehab program based on their personal circumstances. Staff member at the detox facility chosen in Arkansas can help with this transition by providing information and being a liaison between the detox facility and rehab.

One of the reasons detox services are often medically necessary is because of the nature of some types of detox, which could be physically dangerous or even life threatening. These types of symptoms are most often associated with alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal, and there are specific steps that detox and medical professionals must take in these circumstances to avoid serious symptoms and make detox a safe process. This is only possible in hospital or an inpatient or residential drug or alcohol detox facility in Arkansas, and no one should ever try and detox themselves in such instances. Medical intervention isn't the only benefit of inpatient or residential detox facilities in Arkansas, and many individuals who detox at such facilities benefit from the continuous support and drug free environment that is needed to get through an often challenging detox process.

Opiate addicted clients sometimes seek medication assisted detox or outpatient services in Arkansas, as an alternative to quitting cold turkey. What most of these clients may not realize at the time is the daily dependence they will get caught up in once again, albeit to medically administered drugs. It is therefore always recommended to explore all drug free options in hopes of one day living a completely drug free life in Arkansas.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

PFH Decision Point

Veterans Hlthcare System of the Ozarks


Northeast Arkansas Treatment Services

Crowleys Ridge Development Council

Recovery Centers of Arkansas

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare

Health Resources of Arkansas

10th District Substance Abuse Program

  • 412 York Street Warren, AR. 71671
  • 870-226-9970

Ouachita Medical Center

Harbor House Inc

Gateway Recovery Center

Catar Clinic of Hot Springs

Recover at Baptist Health

  • 9601 Interstate 630 Little Rock, AR. 72205
  • 501-202-2893

University of Arkansas for

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare

Arkansas River Valley Area Council

Arkansas Treatment Services PA

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