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Detoxification in Kentucky

For individuals in Kentucky struggling with drug or alcohol addiction there are over 300 drug rehab programs and resources in the state, about 40 of which provide a variety and drug and alcohol detox services. Detox and treatment are really two different steps on the road to a full recovery from addiction, but professional detox services are the beginning of this process. In Kentucky, there are both outpatient and inpatient detox available, and most of these programs will accept private health insurance. If you don't have private health insurance, self-pay is an option and some of these programs may offer a sliding scale fee based off of your income.

There are typically very different purposes and projected outcomes in terms of outpatient versus outpatient detox, and outpatient detox is not going to be ideal for clients who need inpatient detox services that will entail heavy intervention. Inpatient detox is the most beneficial for heavily drug or alcohol dependent clients because it's the safest option and one which has the most robust system of support as well. Inpatient detox can put an individual at a disadvantage if they are experiencing intense cravings that they might turn to drugs and alcohol to satiate, which wouldn't be possible in inpatient detox.

When receiving detox services you want to keep in mind that while you may experience relief and have a positive outlook once getting through an often challenging detox process, further treatment to help you become better able to cope through the future challenges you will face in your sobriety is essential. Your expectations from detox should be realistic, and detox professionals can help make suggestions as to the next step for you on your road to a full recovery by finding a more comprehensive treatment program that is right for you.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Ultimate Treatment Center

Center for Behavioral Health Inc


Central Kentucky Addiction Treatment

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

Center for Behavioral Health KY Inc

Necco Inc

  • 503 Darby Creek Road Lexington, KY. 40509
  • 859-264-8796

Hope Center

Central State Hospital

  • 10510 LaGrange Road Louisville, KY. 40223
  • 502-253-7434

Brook Hospital

Seven Counties Services

Center for Behavioral Health KY Inc

Above and Beyond Counseling

  • 5330 South 3rd Street Louisville, KY. 40214
  • 502-361-1200

Dave Harmon and Associates Inc

  • The Professional Centre Louisville, KY. 40216
  • 502-896-8006

Interlink Counseling Services Inc

Healing Place

Our Lady of Peace

Morton Center Inc

Mountain Comprehensive Care Center

Patricias Place

Isaiah House Recovery Center


NKY Med Clinic LLC

Center for Behavioral Health

Towns Counseling Services PSC

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

ABS Lincs KY Inc

Western KY Medical LLC

Karens Place


Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System

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