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Detoxification in New Mexico

In recent years, cases of stimulant abuse and addiction in New Mexico have begun to exceed all other substances sending residents into treatment. During 2011, stimulants such as methamphetamine were the primary substance of abuse for New Mexico residents enrolling into addiction rehabilitation. Following stimulants the top substances of abuse in New Mexico requiring treatment included marijuana addiction, heroin addiction, other opiate addiction and cocaine/crack cocaine addiction.

The most effective addiction treatment programs begin with detox. Detoxification is the process of discontinuing drugs or alcohol and allowing any remaining substances left to dissipate and ultimately leave the body. This process is best done in a professional setting such as a New Mexico drug rehab or medically supervised detox center. These programs assist with managing the symptoms of withdrawal through a number of different methods such as medication, holistic therapies and counseling.

The first step of detox is completing an intake consultation. When initially enrolling in a drug rehab or medically supervised detox center the staff will conduct an intake consultation to find out the person's substance abuse history, prior treatment history and if they are aware of any medical issues. Using this information the detox staff member will be able to create a customized detox plan for the program participant to ensure their safety and comfort during the withdrawal process. Often times, prescription medications are used to help with more serious withdrawal symptoms and to prevent cravings during the detox process. These medications will be decreased as the program participant no longer needs them.

While detox is a critical part of the recovery process, completing this step without further addiction rehabilitation will likely result in a relapse. Treatment in a New Mexico drug and alcohol rehab program is the correct next step after completing detox. With the support and guidance of a treatment program, the addicted individual will uncover, address and resolve the issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol. Going through additional treatment after detox is also beneficial because the individual will learn valuable life skills and relapse prevention tools.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Turning Point Recovery Center Inc

Albuquerque Treatment Services LLC

  • 123 Madeira Drive SE Albuquerque, NM. 87108
  • 505-262-1538

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Shadow Mountain Recovery Center

Bernalillo County Medical Center

Central New Mexico Treatment Center

NM Department of Health

Albuquerque Health Services NW

A New Awekening Counseling Agency

BHC Mesilla Valley Hospital

ALT Recovery Group

New Mexico Rehabilitation Center

  • 72 Gail Harris Avenue Roswell, NM. 88203
  • 575-347-3400 x3410

Alianza of New Mexico

Na Nizhoozhi Center Inc

  • 2205 East Boyd Street Gallup, NM. 87301
  • 505-863-3869

Alamo Navajo School Board Inc

Santa Fe Recovery Center

Nambe Pueblo SAP

  • 15A NP 102 West Santa Fe, NM. 87506
  • 505-455-5590

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