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Detoxification in Wisconsin

The rate of alcohol abuse in Wisconsin continues to be higher than many other states in the country. Likewise, the state's arrest rates for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated is more than three times the national average. Couple this with data stating Wisconsin state residents have the highest rate of self-reported drinking and driving than any other state. On the other hand, the number of residents seeking publicly funded drug and alcohol rehab services has decreased by 23% from 2006-20012. While the number of publicly funded treatment admissions decreased somewhat for alcohol and significantly for cocaine, the percentage of admissions for heroin, other opiates and marijuana went up.

Entering treatment for addiction typically begins with detox. This is often the first step for many persons getting clean, especially if their body is physically addicted to a substance. Detoxification, detox for short, involves the elimination of drugs or alcohol from the person's system. When this process is handled in a professional treatment setting it is a medical process to help the person safely manage the acute symptoms of withdrawal. For many individuals, the detox process is something they fear. This process means no longer using the person's drug of choice while undergoing any number of undesirable emotional, physical and mental withdrawal symptoms.

The more severe symptoms of withdrawal are best managed with medications. Medically managed detoxification are programs where medical professionals skilled in the detox process help treat the severe symptoms of withdrawal. When medications are used to treat withdrawal symptoms during detox they correspond to particular types of substances that the person has abused, the length of time the abuse has been going on as well as how much the person has been habitually using.

The road to recovery is not an easy one, but it is worth every bit of effort the person puts into it. Once detox is complete, the individual is ready to move forward in their rehabilitation program. The next step will be uncovering and resolving the issues that prompted their substance abuse. They will also work on developing life skills to remain clean and sober after their time in treatment is complete.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Casa Clare

St. Clare Center

St. Josephs Hospital

Libertas Treatment Center

Green Bay Comp Treatment Center

Psychological Evaluation and

Theda Care Behavioral Health at

  • 130 2nd Street Neenah, WI. 54956
  • 920-729-2145

AMS of Wisconsin LLC

Koinonia Residential Treatment Center

Waukesha Comp Treatment Center

Behavioral Health Services of

Quality Addiction Management

St. Agnes Hospital

  • 430 East Division Street Fond Du Lac, WI. 54935
  • 920-926-4200

William S Middleton Veterans Hospital

UnityPoint Health Meriter NewStart

Madison Comp Treatment Center West

Access Recovery Mental Hlth Services

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Quality Addiction Management

Rogers Memorial Hospital

Ascension All Saints

Libertas of Sheboygan

Wausau Comp Treatment Center

North Central Healthcare Facilities

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