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Long-Term (Inpatient) Treatment in New Mexico

In recent years New Mexico has increased their local rehab efforts due to the state's extensive substance abuse and illegal drug distribution problem. This state is known to be one of the key locations for the transshipment of illegal narcotics from Mexican drug trafficking organizations. Today, nearly every feasible illegal drug can be obtained throughout the state. Officials note that the state's continued illegal drug problem is due to New Mexico's close proximity to Mexico and the numerous major highways that dissect the state. The emergence of more drug and alcohol rehab centers has helped residents struggling to overcome addiction issues. Many of these programs are equipped to handle just about every type of drug addiction problem.

When it comes to ending addiction, one of the most successful options is long term inpatient treatment. While the idea of remaining in a program for ninety days or longer can feel like an extreme amount of time; remember, that recovery is not a race to the finish line. It is about regaining control over one's life and ability to make healthy, productive choices when push comes to shove. Experts in the addiction recovery field have stated for years that remaining in treatment is the best way to achieve lasting sobriety.

New Mexico long term inpatient programs provide the individual with a safe, substance free environment during their recovery. When a person is ready to enter the program they leave their day to day life behind and move into the rehab program. Once detox is complete and the individual has settled into a routine they begin to work on breaking the cycle of addiction. During their time in treatment, the person will focus on identifying and resolving their destructive habits. When their time in the program is complete, the person will have new drug-free ways of handling life's problems, as well as experience in using them due to their time in long term inpatient treatment.

Treatment Listings By City (Click on a city to reveal listings)

Desert Hills Behavioral Health

Veterans Affairs Medical Center


Bernalillo County Medical Center

Veterans Administration

Acoma Canoncito Laguna Hospital

  • 80 Veterans Boulevard Pueblo Of Acoma, NM. 87034
  • 505-552-5300

Navajo Regional

  • North 491 Highway Shiprock, NM. 87420
  • 505-368-1050 x1433

Four Winds Recovery Center Inc

Humphrey House

  • 3821 West College Lane Hobbs, NM. 88242
  • 575-392-2231

Fort Bayard Medical Center

Shadow Mountain Recovery

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