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East Bay Center Inc

CODAC Behavioral Healthcare

Clinical Services of Rhode Island

Galilee Mission Inc

Addiction Recovery Institute

Center for Treatment and Recovery

Community Care Alliance

MAP Behavioral Health Services Inc

  • 66 Burnett Street Providence, RI. 2907
  • 401-785-0050

Veterans Affairs Medical Center

CODAC Providence

Discovery House Providence

RI Substance Abuse Treatment Inc

CODAC Behavioral Healthcare II

Discovery House

CODAC Cranston

Providence Center

Phoenix House of New England

Journey to Hope Health and Healing Inc

CODAC Behavioral Healthcare

Clinical Services of RI

East Bay Center

AdCare Hospital

Medical Assisted Recovery Inc

Bridgemark Inc

Addiction Recovery Institute

Kent Center

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Choosing the correct treatment program for yourself or a family member can be one of the the most important decisions you ever make. With so many choices for treatment, and so many variables to consider, getting help from a knowledgeable addiction specialist who understands what types of treatment will work best is invaluable.

Our addiction specialists are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have about treatment. All calls and services are completely free of charge and completely confidential. Start your recovery today!

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