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Detoxification in Texas

Marijuana addiction was the leading reason behind the majority of Texas drug rehab enrollments during 2014. An estimated 22% of all Texas drug rehab enrollments in 2014 cited marijuana addiction as their reason for receiving treatment. Following marijuana addiction, a large number of residents entered alcohol and drug rehab centers for amphetamine addiction (15.8%), heroin addiction (15.4%) and alcohol addiction (14.7%). Overall, drug rehab programs in Texas enrolled 39,485 individuals for treatment during 2014.

For most recovering addicts, the first step of the rehabilitation process begins with detox. The most common ways this process is conducted is in the Texas drug rehab program or remotely in a medical detox facility. Either way, the process of detoxification is essential in helping the addict come off the drugs they are dependent on and manage their withdrawal symptoms. During this phase of recovery the person will stop using the substances they are dependent on and allow their body to rid itself of any remaining remnants left behind. For addicts detoxing from physically addictive substances such as heroin and prescription opioids, the process can be extremely uncomfortable. This is why prescription medications are used to help ease the more severe symptoms of withdrawal while helping the person safely and comfortably discontinue their substance abuse.

Some people experience more than physical withdrawal symptoms during detox. It is not uncommon for recovering addicts to suffer from insomnia, depression, anger, denial and anxiety. These symptoms are also addressed with medication if necessary as well as counseling during their time in a Texas drug rehab program. Detox is an extremely important phase of recovery and many feel an increase in energy, mental clarity and their overall general health once this process is complete. While these changes are a welcome relief from the turmoil the person felt during their active addiction, it is not the end of their journey to lasting sobriety. Their next step must be to continue on with care in an addiction treatment program. Only by addressing the issues that drove them to abuse drugs or alcohol, developing new ways of handling life's challenges and learning how to avoid relapse will they be able to maintain their newly acquired sobriety.

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San Antonio Treatment Center

BHG San Antonio Treatment Center

South Texas Veterans Healthcare System

  • 4455 Horizon Hill San Antonio, TX. 78229
  • 210-321-2700

Methodist Specialty Transplant Hosp

Shoreline Inc

Add Life Recovery Center LLC

  • 1909 Rickety Lane Tyler, TX. 75703
  • 903-596-0606

Methadone Clinic of East Texas

Cenikor Foundation

  • 1827 West Gentry Parkway Tyler, TX. 75702
  • 906-630-7461

TRS Behavioral Care Inc

Summer Sky Inc

Scott and White Alcohol and Drug

Cenikor Foundation

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